How To Buy The Best Food For Your Dogs

Your dog is a special member of your household, and you want what’s best for him or her. When it comes to nutrition, dogs are largely similar to humans. Being omnivores, they can comfortably survive on a variety of foods.

Still, the animals need balanced, healthy meals to fuel their activities, rather than an overindulgent diet that puts them at risk of nutritional disorders. You’d be glad to know that there are many top dog foods available today. Picking the best food for dogs would mostly involve researching the options available while taking into account a few considerations.

Know your Dog’s Needs

The kind of food your dog needs depends on factors like age, weight and activity level. It’s also important to choose healthy dog food that’s suitable for the animal’s stage of life. For puppies, choose products that have proteins, vitamins, minerals and amount of calories needed for proper development.

Adult food, on the other hand, is lower in these nutrients and higher in others. Feeding puppies on adult food and vice versa may result in growth disorders and weight problems respectively. Picking top dog food that suits the animal’s age will not only avoid these issues, but the animals will also find it easier to digest.


When comparing dog food, you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed by the ingredients. These are always listed by weight. Good dog food generally contains at least 2 meat sources (such as lamb, salmon, chicken and beef) in the top 5 ingredients.

Besides being excellent sources of carbohydrates, grains are good for dogs since they can easily process them to extract energy. Most veterinarians recommend whole grains because they’re packed with protein, fiber and minerals.

Still, grains need to be whole and of top quality, as opposed to processed products. Barley and rice are usually superior to wheat and corn. Other items to avoid include meat by-products and fillers.

Dry or Canned?

While both types have unique benefits, dry food is better in most cases. Furthermore, it also tends to be cheaper, and more convenient to store. The best dog food of this kind enhances dental hygiene from chewing action and is usually low in at.

Canned foods are suitable for animals that need more fat or moisture in their diets. Besides having a higher protein content, canned wet foods will have a longer shelf life than their dry counterparts. Caution should be exercised when using these foods, since they could make some animals gain weight quickly.

In a nutshell, no single brand of food would be suitable for every dog. While the best dog foods may be ideal for most cases, you need to determine what works best for your own pet. You could consult your local veterinarian for advice on dietary plans and food suggestions for your specific breed of dog.