Introducing Your Pet Dog To Its First Crate

If you are planning on purchasing a dog crate, then you need to understand that comparing dog crates and finalizing the purchase is just the first step. The most important step is to introduce your pet to the crate and to make sure that your dog does not view staying in the kennel as a punishment. So, how to make sure your pet dog gets used to the crate with minimum fuss?

For starters, stop viewing the crate as an accessory that will help you travel with your pet. You may have compared dog crates for sale so that you can travel with your pet. However, just forget this for a short period of time. Instead, look at it as a new toy that you have purchased for your pet.

Once your pet dog gets used to the idea of having a crate in the house, you can take steps to get your dog to spend some time inside the crate. Place treats in and around the crate. Let the dog associate the object with tasty goodies. Praise the dog whenever it eats treats from inside the kennel. Place the dog’s favorite toys inside. Try getting your pet to eat its meal inside the crate. Try this over a span of a few days to ensure your dog associates the crate with positive things only.

The next step is to get your pet dog used to the idea of staying in the crate. Again, don’t be in a hurry. Be prepared for an initial nervous reaction when you close the door for the first time. Use praise, treats, and lots of love to make sure the pet is comfortable and safe at all times.

One this is done, you can proceed to the next step of traveling with your dog when it is locked in the crate. You can start by putting the dog in the crate and traveling to the supermarket. Or, you can simply go on a short drive. Or, you can go to the park and let your dog out so that it can stretch its legs. Make sure you finish every trip with a treat. This will motivate the pet to tolerate minor discomfort during the time it is cooped inside the crate.

Performing these steps may seem like a time-consuming affair. However, a concerted effort done on a daily basis will help you get your pet used to the crate and to the idea of spending time inside the crate. Being hasty or performing these steps in a hurry can prove to be a disastrous mistake. If your dog rejects the crate, then your efforts to compare dog kennels for sale and purchasing cheap dog crates will end up as a complete waste.