Leather Dog Collars – 4 Gifts For The Pet Lover In Your Life

A pet lover’s world revolves around their dog. Give them a gift that keeps giving back with one of these 4 pet lover gift ideas that help them to take care of what matters most… their furry best friend…

A Trendy Dog Collar

Personalized dog collars give pet owners a chance to let their pet’s personality shine – and their own style shine as well. Because this is the one thing that a dog wears all the time, it is a great investment piece that will offer at least a year of use or more. Traditional leather dog collars can be embroidered with a fun quote or the dog’s name to give them a hint of personality. Reflective martingale collar for dogs are great for dogs and their owners who enjoy a good run around the block. Whatever style suits your recipient, the best dog collars are those that speak to the pet and pet owner’s lifestyle.

DIY Dog Beds

If you have a weekend to spare and an old suitcase, you have the recipe for a really adorable dog bed. With a little padding, fabric to cover the padding and very short accent legs, you can turn that suitcase into a luxury bed for their pet. You can even add small frames to the inside top of the suitcase. (The top serves as an accent wall.) Put in pictures of the pet, the owner or doodle your own art. Be sure to remove the glass from the frame or use a plastic covering to avoid injury.

Techy Dog Toys

Toys that run around the floor without your help are a really fun way for your dog to get a little play time in when you are not feeling up to a game of catch or Frisbee. From realistic raccoon tails to funny-but-chewable squeaky toys with different settings, tech toys are becoming more and more popular, helping pet parents to get a break while also exercising their dog. There are even toys that help you track your dog’s exercise activity – sort of like a Fitbit for doggies.

Healthy Treats

Pet owners are often surprised to learn just how unhealthy popular branded dog treats really are. Loaded with sodium and fat, these treats can be bad for your pet’s heart health and make maintaining a healthy body weight hard. A low sodium intake is especially important for dogs with heart problems like enlargement or congestive failure. Healthy dog treats combine flavor with health benefits, leading to a happier, healthier dog and owner.

Pet lovers are always thinking about their pet first. Show them that you know them by giving them a gift that gifts their pet too. They will love you all the more for it.