Three Golden Tips For Buying Large Dog Beds

Dogs are amazing animals to keep as pets but one thing you should know for sure is that maintaining them can be a lot of work. For instance, getting large breeds comfortable means you have to get them a sleeping bed that is large and cozy enough. Without much ado, here are some key things to remember while shopping for large dog beds.


It’s important that your large canine friend sleeps in a comfy bed that leaves them refreshed when they wake up. In fact, that’s why a good number of the best dog beds in the market come with extra inches of orthopedic comfort form or memory form. Some of these canine beds can have orthopedic foam that is up to 7 inches, ideal if your dog normally has back problems or frequently tosses and turns while sleeping.

How the bed is designed also determines the level of comfort it gives. There are dog beds that are completely flat on all corners and are perfect for breeds as large as a St. Bernard or Great Dane. The bed can be rounded at the edges as well—best if your pooch loves to sleep all curled up with the roundness offering some form of protection.

Type of Bed

Now bear in mind that dogs are long sleepers but sometimes they do take naps as well. So you may have to own more than two beds for dogs at home. Generally, there are three kinds of beds available: lounging beds, nestling beds and support beds. Lounging beds offer a comfy softness and plenty of the room for the dog that loves to sprawl on its back. The support beds are for the belly sleepers with their legs stretches out; support beds also have orthopedic padding so your dog never has to endure the hard floor whenever they want to catch a quick snooze. Lastly, get a nestling bed if your pooch always snuggles around your couch or bed pillows. Nestling beds are super soft and cushiony with an ability to send your pooch into a deep snooze before you go out for the evening walk.


How much you spend depends on the level of comfort you want for your dog. Orthopedic beds tend to fetch the highest price, with the heavy duty ones costing a lot more. So first gauge what your dog needs then search for dog beds for sale that match up to that.

Bottom Line

These three tips are great eye openers when buying dog beds online or at a local store. Take note of your dog’s sleeping habits and you will have an idea of what they will like. You may also have to visit a vet if you notice your dog is always looking dull or uncomfortable when sleeping or after a long sleep—they may need an orthopedic form bed to be comfy.