Tips On Training A Black German Shepherd

A German Shepherd Dog is a very loyal, intelligent dog that loves to play and obey commands if it has been trained well. It also likes to remain active, which makes it a very playful companion for children and adults alike. However, you also need to train it well to make it the best companion that it can be. Here are a few tips on training your black German shepherd.

The first step to training your dog is to be the alpha of the pack. This means the dog should recognize that you are the leader of the whole family or the pack. This is done by being insistent with the dog, so that he knows who is the boss. Once he knows you are the alpha, he will not try to dispute or dominate you. Another important aspect of black German Shepherds is that they are in the habit of biting their owners and other family members. They do this as a part of playful behavior and this is not a sign of aggression. Whenever your puppy or dog bites you, you should pull yourself from it, and then shout loudly. Then you should offer some toy to the dog so that it can bit on the toy instead of you.